About Us


   Eggwowo is a manufacturer specializing in the production of pulp molded environmentally friendly tableware, pulp molded products, pulp egg packaging, and plastic egg packaging. The company was established in March 2015. It mainly produces environmentally friendly plastic egg trays, and relies on high-tech to produce wheat straw pulp disposable environmentally friendly tableware and packaging products. Our products are of high quality, excellent quality, healthy and environmentally friendly, and meet food-grade standards. Among them, paper pulp products can produce two series, natural pulp and white pulp, and multiple varieties of products, including bowls, plates, egg trays, etc. "Using the highest quality raw materials to create green and environmentally friendly food packaging and creating a healthy and civilized life" has always been our goal.
All physical properties and health indicators of the products comply with GB18006.1-1999 standards, and all products have passed FDA, SGS, and health inspection standards.