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Pulp Egg Carton

Each pulp fiber egg carton is made of natural pulp material, eco-friendly, recycled, sturdy, durable and reusable, keep your eggs protected and safe.

Egg plastic box

Make eggs more secure and life more enjoyable! Choose egg plastic boxes, and you will experience unparalleled safety and convenience.

Paper Bowl Disposable

Strong,Safe and Convenient.Come from natual plant Made of sugarcan fiber.Biodegradable.

Efficient and reliable transportation and delivery service

Choose us and you will enjoy efficient and reliable factory transport and shipping services, making your logistics operations smoother and worry-free. If you have any questions or need detailed information about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Disposable Packaging Cartons

Welcome to our egg packaging box manufacturer! We provide high-quality products and services, using eco-friendly materials and advanced technology to produce packaging boxes that enhance brand value. With personalized designs, we collaborate with you to customize unique packaging boxes. We pay attention to details and customer service, offering efficient delivery and premium products. We look forward to working with you to add value to your brand. Contact us, and we will be dedicated to serving you!

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Disposable paper bowls

Compostable paper food packaging ,Made from bagasse.Food-grade Material.Eco friendly.Unparalleled Strength.Convenient and Time-saving.

Excellent Packaging: Precision and Quality at Our Factory

Excellent Packaging: Precision and Quality at Our Factory

Our factory provides top-notch food packaging solutions.We are a professional manufacturer of pulp-molding and environment-friendly tableware.Our products can replace foam plastic, promoting the white pollution control, improving human’s health and reducing disease transmission.Choose our reliable and efficient packaging solutions for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Great packaging, eggs arrived intact and fresh! Very satisfied with my purchase.


"Excellent packaging for my purchased eggs! They arrived intact and perfectly fresh. Highly satisfied!"


Great packaging for eggs! Sturdy and secure. Protects every egg perfectly!


Egg packaging is exceptional! It keeps my eggs safe and secure, preventing any breakage during transportation. The design is attractive and convenient for storage. Highly recommend!


Great packaging for the eggs! They arrived intact and undamaged. Very impressed with the quality. Will definitely purchase again.


The packaged eggs exceeded my expectations. Excellent packaging ensured that none of the eggs were cracked or damaged. Highly recommended!